VHS to DVD or USB Conversion Station

Are you looking for a great local videotape to DVD or USB conversion service?  With VHS and other videotape formats disappearing fast, now is the perfect time to preserve your precious memories with our VHS to DVD or USB conversion service.   Using this service, you can convert your videotapes to DVD or digital file (stored to USB) to ensure your home videos and other important memories are digitally preserved for you and your family.

VHS to DVD or Digital Converter- Basic Information

How does the VHS to DVD Converter work?

The library’s VHS to DVD converter plays your VHS tape and then copies the recorded file onto a blank DVD-R disc. It can also be saved digitally as an MPEG file through the use of One Touch Video Capture. The entirety of the VHS tape must be played as it records, so process time varies.

Does one VHS tape equal one DVD disc?

Not necessarily. Our DVD discs hold approximately 120 minutes of recorded material, so if your VHS tape is longer, your video may have to be recorded onto more than one disc.

May I convert my VHS copy of a feature film or TV show?

No, any VHS tape that has been copyrighted may not be converted. Copyrighted materials include but are not limited to feature films and TV shows. Only home movies or VHS tapes that you have personally recorded may be converted. If you are unsure about the copyright status of an item, a librarian or staff member will help you.

How much does this service cost?

The service is free, but there is a charge of $1.00 for each DVD. This charge is nonrefundable. Alternatively, you may bring your own blank DVD-R disc, provided that there is enough space and time on the disc(s).

How do I utilize this service?

You must schedule an appointment by calling (860) 889-2365 ext. 110 or by visiting our Business Center.  A librarian will be available to assist you.

For further questions:

Please contact the library via email at ref@otislibrarynorwich.org or (860) 889-2365 ext. 110.

VHS to DVD or Digital Converter Policy 

  • I agree to leave a photo ID or library card with staff for the duration of the reservation.
  • I understand that the use of the VHS to DVD Converter is at the discretion of library staff. The library reserves the right to deny use of the equipment.
  • I understand that the converter may only be used by people who own a valid Otis Library card (current address, not expired and fines less than $10).
  • I agree to be present at all times during the reservation. Converting is ‘real time’ so if the VHS cassette is 2 hours long, it will take 2 hours to convert it, not including the time it takes to burn a file to the DVD (about 20-30 minutes per hour of video).
  • I understand that it is expressly prohibited to convert any VHS tape that violates or infringes upon a patent, trademark, or other proprietary use. Use of the converter and associated equipment shall follow all legal guidelines. U.S. Copyright Law governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.
  • I understand that the library does not guarantee a successful conversion.
  • I understand that if I do not have my own DVD-R disc, I may purchase them from the library at $1.00 each. I also understand that the charge is nonrefundable.
  • I understand that the quality of the DVD will depend upon the quality of the VHS tape recording.
  • I agree that if my project includes sound, headphones or earbuds (either mine or those purchased from the library) must be used at all times.
  • I accept full financial responsibility for equipment and agree to pay all costs associated with damage beyond normal wear and tear or loss of equipment and peripherals while in use, whether caused by inappropriate use or negligence.
  • I understand and agree that the library is not liable for any loss, damage, or expense sustained to my media in the use of the equipment.
  • I understand and agree that the Library is not responsible for equipment or files (digital or print) left behind.
  • I understand that the Library reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time.