Pronunciator – Language Learning Database


Meet Pronunciator, Otis Library’s online language-learning database. Pronunciator offers instruction for 80 languages that can be taken from any of  50 starting languages! This means that a French speaker can learn Korean, a Hindi speaker can learn Ukrainian, a Haitian Creole speaker can learn Afrikaans (among countless other possibilities). ESL courses are included for the 50 non-English languages.

Pronunciator quickly builds conversational skills through interactive online drills, scored quizzes, culture and business notes, and grammar reviews. Each language course has a minimum of 1,500 phrases to learn, and most have 10,000 phrases. Learners can move through the courses based on their skill level and learning goals. Lessons include:

  • Scored quizzes
  • Virtual coach
  • Speech recognition
  • Downloadable audio lessons
  • Virtual conversations
  • Downloadable phrasebooks in PDF form

Pronunciator includes lessons for children ages three to six and seven through 12, as well as eight week travel prep courses, which are specially designed to prepare you for your next trip.

If you’re on the go, Pronunciator’s free mobile app for iPhoneiPadAndroid, and tablets allows you to take your lessons wherever you go. Your progress is automatically synced between devices, so you can go from your computer to your phone or tablet without missing a beat! Apps can be found in your devices app store.

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2019 Updates and Improvements to Pronunciator

– Personalized Language Courses. This innovative new approach lets patrons customize their learning experience based on their interests, their occupation (any of 60!), their learning goals, age, available time, and more. Each custom course features a bespoke PDF study guide and even personalized audio lessons). We offer personalized courses in any of 100 languages, including American Sign Language.

– New languages, bringing the total to 100: Including American Sign Language (with 20,000 videos, making it the largest in existence); Mexican Spanish; Latin, Scots Gaelic, Faroese, Canadian French, Canadian English (complete with ProCitizen: Canada), Kazakh, Algerian Arabic, and Australian English (G’day!). And currently in development: Mexican Sign Language (20,000 videos); and more.

– Video Phrases: We’ve been adding tens of thousands of video clips so your learners can see native speakers clearly speaking each instructional phrase (including slow motion and a cool Video Comparison feature). It’s the closest thing to how we actually learn language as children. Currently, 27 languages have video phrases.

– Audio lessons: Over the past year, we have expanded our collection of audio lessons to include over 3,000,000 files (85 calendar years of audio!), making it by far the largest in the world. And each lesson is available narrated in 52 different languages.

– Upgraded apps: Our move to HTML5 also means responsive, significantly improved mobile apps.

– Gender and Articles: Gender and articles (definite, indefinite, partitive) for thousands of nouns in select languages.

– ProLibrary: Multiple levels devoted to multilingual interaction in the library, for both staff and patrons.

– Accessibility: WCAG 2.0 AA-Level Compliant.

– More Quiz Types: We’re doubling the number of quizzes from 6 to 12, and adding a video-based flashcards drill.

– Improved Images: We replaced 10,000 pictograms with clearer, nicer photographs.