Hotspot Lending: Borrow the Internet!

If you are a library patron lacking Internet in your home, have no fear—we offer library hotspots for checkout. Just stop in at Otis Library and check out a pocket-size WiFi device that allows you to use the Internet on your computer or other wireless device for free!

A hotspot is portable, so you can connect your device almost wherever you are, like at home, on the bus or in the park.

Home Use Policy

The following rules and regulations apply:

  1. Hotspots may be borrowed by resident library cardholders ages 18 and up in good standing (i.e. users with fines of $20.00 and over are blocked). Borrowers must show a current photo ID (driver’s license or state ID).
  2. Hotspots may be checked out for 2 weeks and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, i.e. there are no reservations. There are no renewals.
  3. Hotspots must be returned in person. They may not be returned to onsite or off site book returns. Borrowers are advised to wait until the hotspot is checked in by a staff member on duty at the Main Desk.
  4. Fines for unreturned hotspots are $15.00 per day, not counting days the library is closed. An “on-time” return is defined as a hotspot that is returned prior to closing on the last day of check out. Users who have on two separate occasions returned the hotspots late will lose hotspot-borrowing privileges for a period of six months.
  5. The user assumes full responsibility for the cost of repair or replacement in the event that the hotspot is lost, stolen, or damaged. The Library’s IT Department will assess technological issues and patrons will be charged accordingly.
  6. Hotspots not returned to the library will be immediately disabled and rendered useless.