Copy/Scan/Print and Fax Services

If you visit the Business Center at Otis Library, you will notice that we have tried to anticipate ALL of your business needs.  We offer the ability to make prints from a computer station or photocopies in both black and white and color. We send Faxes to anywhere in the world and have a public scanner for your use.


Using our public photocopy machine is easy.  First put your money in the coin machine nearby, adjust the photocopy settings to suit your needs and voila, success!  Still not sure? Ask a librarian for help.  We are always glad to assist. The cost for photo copying  is .15 for B&W and .50 for Color.



To print from the computer, simply select print from the menu on your computer.  You will be shown what the cost will be.  Just click ok and then either go to the self service kiosk or the business desk to pay and retrieve your prints.  The cost for printing is .15 for B&W and .50 for Color.

Mobile Printing Now Available at Otis Library

Print from home or anywhere, with any device, then come in to pay for and collect your prints.

self service kiosk


Scanning at Otis is FREE. Our scanner is a flatbed scanner for documents and photos.  It is attached to an internet connected computer.  You can save your scanned files to a USB drive or upload them to your email or other online service.

To scan, visit the business desk and tell a librarian that you would like to use the scanner.  You will be given a guest pass which you will need to log on to the computer with the attached scanner.  If you are not sure how to use the scanner, ask a librarian, we would be happy to show you how.



To send a fax, visit the Business Desk and inform a librarian that you would like to send a fax.  The cost for faxing is 1.00/page.  Cover sheets are provided at no cost, just ask.

fax machine