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Check out the links below when you’re looking for something new to try, are looking for something to do, or if you just need something to help pass time!

Topics include:

Games | Learning | Music + Movies | Misc. Entertainment | Sports | Etc.

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All Music Guide

Find your favorite songs, albums, and artists.

All Sports

Information on all the most popular sports from baseball to wrestling.  Check out sports videos and read articles about your favorite athletes.

Buzzfeed Quizzes

Entertain yourself with all sorts of silly quizzes–find out what kind of pizza topping you would be, or what kind of shoes you wear based on how you drink your coffee.

RBDigital – Free Magazines*

Download Hundreds of magazines for FREE!

OverDrive – Lion Libraries Online*

Check out all the ebooks & audiobooks you can borrow + download to your computer or smart-device with your library card.


Check out the teen magazine written by teens. Includes everything from fiction, to poetry, to college reviews.

Teen Movies

Movie reviews, celebrity news, trivia and more.

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is a (now, exclusively online) magazine as a sister publication to Vogue. Like Vogue, it includes stories about fashion, celebrities, as well as politics and current affairs.

Ultimate Band List

Find the official websites for popular bands.


Are you a fan of fan fiction? Star Trek? Harry Potter? Twilight series? Whatever it is you’re into, this is the place to find others interested in the same thing.

FanFiction TV 

Find your favorite TV show and create your own storylines and read about others.