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Check out the newest books that are available as of today on Otis Library’s shelves. Click on book titles to place holds, check availability and read descriptions and summaries. 

bookcoverDementia reimagined :


bookcover (1)What ya girl won’t do
by Johnson, Brandi ,

bookcover (2)Mafia spies :
by Maier, Thomas, 1956-

bookcover (3)Another
by Robinson, Christian,

bookcover (4)Internment
by Ahmed, Samira (Fiction writer),

bookcover (5)Girls from da hood
by Moore, Michel,

bookcover (6)Dig your own grave
by Johnstone, William W.

bookcover (7)Death waits in the dark
by Buckley, Julia, 1964-

bookcover (8)One feta in the grave
by Kashian, Tina,

bookcover (9)American cipher :
by Farwell, Matt,

bookcover (10)Figuring
by Popova, Maria,

bookcover (11)Missing daughter
by Mofina, Rick,

bookcover (12)Death on the menu :
by Burdette, Lucy ,

bookcover (13)Shakespeare’s library :
by Kells, Stuart,

bookcover (14)Never enough :
by Grisel, Judith,

bookcover (15)The past and other things that should stay buried
by Hutchinson, Shaun David,

bookcover (16)Queen Bey :

bookcover (17)Octopus, squid & cuttlefish :
by Hanlon, Roger T.,

bookcover (18)Practice makes perfect basic math review and workbook
by Wheater, Carolyn C., 1951-

bookcover (19)The skillful forager :
by Meredith, Leda

bookcover (20)National Geographic backyard guide to the night sky
by Fazekas, Andrew,

bookcover (21)The book of snakes :
by O’Shea, Mark

bookcover (22)Armies of deliverance :
by Varon, Elizabeth R., 1963-

bookcover (23)Murder, she meowed
by Mu

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