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Authors to read if you love Janet Evanovich

What to read next?

Evanovich is known for her laugh-out-loud Stephanie Plum books, which contain a wonderful mix of several mystery sub-genres: the quirks of a cozy, the style of a private investigator, and the grit and tone of a police procedural.  There’s also an undercurrent of romance in Evanovich’s books, adding another layer to these fun, edgy page-turners.  Already read all of Stephanie Plum? Try out these authors and see if you can find a new favorite!

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Donna Andrews

bookcover (22).pngCockatiels at seven – When her old friend Karen drops by with two-year-old son Timmy, Meg Langslow reluctantly agrees to babysit just for a little while. But when nightfall comes, the toddler is still in residence and Karen isn’t answering any phone calls. Meg decides she must find out what’s happening, so the next morning, with Timmy in tow, she retraces her friend’s footsteps–and begins to suspect that Karen’s disappearance is tied to at least one serious crime.

bookcover (23)Gone gull – “Gone Gull brings readers yet another knee-slapping adventure filled with New York Times bestselling author Donna Andrews’ cast of wacky characters. Meg Langslow is spending the summer at the Biscuit Mountain Craft Center, helping her grandmother Cordelia run the studios. But someone is committing acts of vandalism, threatening to ruin the newly-opened center’s reputation. Is it the work of a rival center? Have the developers who want to build a resort…

Linda Barns

bookcover (24).pngThe snake tattoo – Hailed by Sue Grafton as “a true original,” ex-cop turned private eye Carlotta Carlyle risks her neck in Boston’s Combat Zone for two very different clients Carlotta Carlyle is halfway through a pizza when her former boss, Lieutenant Mooney of the Boston Police, shows up at her door needing help even more than Carlotta needs a case. In a Combat Zone bar, Mooney got into a scrap with a stranger over a woman. Now the stranger is comatose, the woman…

bookcover (25)Lie down with the devil – “Carlotta Carlyle–an ace at both sleuthing and cab driving–is beginning to doubt the fidelity of Sam Gianelli, her mob-connected fiance. Carlotta’s suspicions are then heightened when Sam abruptly flees the country right after his supposed mistress turns up dead. To cope with her anxiety, Carlotta takes on a PI job for a jittery bride-to-be with apprehensions about her own fiance’s faithfulness.”–Container.

Gillian Roberts 

bookcover (27).pngAdam and evil: an Amanda Pepper mystery – Philly Prep English teacher Amanda Pepper fears for her bright senior student Adam Evans. Increasingly erratic, unkempt, and isolated, Adam is an accident waiting to happen. So when a young woman is murdered at the landmark Free Library while Amanda and her class are touring the premises, Adam–now mysteriously missing–becomes the prime suspect.

bookcover (26)Time and trouble – Seasoned investigator Emma Howe has been in the business so long nothing can surprise her. But her new assistant, an overeducated single mother named Billie August, nearly manages to amaze her. Billie is quick, ambitious, smart. And a lot tougher than she appears. That’s a good thing, because Emma has just taken a case that will rock both of their worlds.

Patricia Smiley

bookcover (28).pngFalse profits – Living with her mother after her divorce, business manager Tucker Sinclair works toward a hoped-for partnership by evaluating an expansion scheme, but when she declares the plan unsound, she is accused of someone else’s unethical practices, a situation that is worsened when a dead body is discovered on Venice beach.

bookcover (29).pngCover your assets – Tucker Sinclair’s life has returned to normal after her first misadventure with murder in FALSE PROFITS. But that’s about to change when her old college flame, Evan Brice, strolls back into her life after a 10-year estrangement that began when he dumped Tucker to marry her closest friend.

Nevada Barr

bookcover (30).png Blood lure – Anna has joined a bear research team in Glacier Park. They hope to gather enough information to form a picture of its Grizzly bear population. When the body of a camper is discovered with a broken neck and mutilated face, Anna sets out to find what, or who, is responsible for the carnage.

bookcover (31).pngHigh country – Anna is lodged in Yosemite National Park’s historic Ahwahnee Hotel when four employees disappear. Sensing evil, Anna hikes a snowy trail to the high country, only to discover a disturbing reality that may end her adventures once and for all.

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