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Benedict Arnold Special Collection


Did you know that we have a special collection of Benedict Arnold biographies?  These books, for library use only, are housed behind glass in our Genealogy room and are available to patrons upon request.  This wonderful collection contains many rare and unusual resources not found elsewhere.  We encourage you to come in and give it a look, you won’t be disappointed.   We also have many books on this infamous figure within our general collection that can be borrowed.

Below are some of the titles in the special collection:

Arnold’s expedition to Quebec, by John Codman, 2nd. Codman, John, 1863-1897.
Arnold’s march from Cambridge to Quebec : a critical study, together with a reprint of Arnold’s journal / by Justin H. Smith. Smith, Justin Harvey, 1857-1930.
Benedict Arnold / by the Hon. L.H. Munson. Munson, L. H.
Benedict Arnold, military racketeer. Sullivan, Edward Dean, 1888-1938.
Benedict Arnold : patriot and traitor / by Oscar Sherwin … Sherwin, Oscar, 1902-
Benedict Arnold, revolutionary hero : an American warrior reconsidered / James Kirby Martin. Martin, James Kirby, 1943-
Benedict Arnold, son of the Havens, by Malcolm Decker; with seventy-nine illustrations. Decker, Peter, 1893-1988
Benedict Arnold, the proud warrior, by Charles Coleman Sellers … Sellers, Charles Coleman, 1903-1980
Benedict Arnold the traitor within / David C. King. King, David C.
Connecticut’s dark star of the Revolution, General Benedict Arnold / by Willard M. Wallace. Wallace, Willard Mosher, 1911-2000
Conspiracy of Arnold, and Sir Henry Clinton, against the United States, and against General Washington. (no author)
The exquisite exile, the life and fortunes of Mrs. Benedict Arnold, by Harry Stanton Tillotson, illustrated from photographs. Tillotson, Harry Stanton, 1877-
Homegrown terror : Benedict Arnold and the burning of New London / Eric D. Lehman. Lehman, Eric D., author.
I, Benedict Arnold; the anatomy of treason. Lengyel, Cornel Adam.
The life and treason of Benedict Arnold / by Jared Sparks. Sparks, Jared, 1789-1866.
The man in the mirror : a life of Benedict Arnold / Clare Brandt. Brandt, Clare.
March to Quebec; journals of the members of Arnold’s expedition, compiled and annotated by Kenneth Roberts, during the writing of Arundel. Roberts, Kenneth Lewis, 1885-1957.
The real Benedict Arnold / by Charles Burr Todd. Todd, Charles Burr, 1849-
Some new light on the later life and last resting place of Benedict Arnold and of his wife Margaret Shippen, by J. G. Taylor. Taylor, J. G. (John George), 1871-1942
The traitor and the spy : Benedict Arnold and John Andre. Flexner, James Thomas, 1908-2003.
Traitorous hero; the life and fortunes of Benedict Arnold. Wallace, Willard Mosher, 1911-2000
A trial for Benedict Arnold [videorecording]. (no author)


Available for check out in Genealogy Room
Available for check out in Genealogy Room
Books  about Benedict Arnold that are available for check out in Genealogy Room have this call number.


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