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Local History Book List

If you are interested in the history of Norwich and surrounding area, then you should definitely check out our local history collection.  While many of our books are for library use only, we do have many books on this topic that circulate.  Below is a list of Local history books that are available for check out…enjoy!

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  1. Slater Memorial Museum : catalogue of the plaster cast collection text by Mary-Anne Hall ; photographs by George Jennings.
  2. Once upon a time a talking book [sound recording] : Bill Stanley.
  3. Autobiography of James L. Smith : including also, reminiscences of slave life, recollections of the war, education of freedmen, causes of the exodus, etc. : Smith, James L.
  4. Legendary Connecticut : traditional tales from the Nutmeg State by David E. Philips.
  5. Bicentennial sketches of history and nostalgia Severn T. Johanessen.
  6. The good fight that didn’t end : Henry P. Goddard’s accounts of Civil War and peace edited by Calvin Goddard Zon.
  7. Bill Stanley’s once upon a time : Anniversary issue Bill Stanley.
  8. Life on, in and along the Thames: 1930’s to early 1940’s Dan E. Blackstone.
  9. The 9-mile square.
  10. The Rose Arts Festival Norwich, Connecticut 1965-1980 KenKeeley.
  11. To the beat of a drum : a history of Norwich, Connecticut, during the American Revolution by Joan Nafie.
  12. Four score & 10 : Norwich, Connecticut 1890-1980 a pictorial journal Ken Keeley. :
  13. A story to be told dedicated to our Greek-American veterans by the Rose of New england Chapter 110 order of the AHEPA Norwich, Connecticut.
  14. The Hurricane of 1938 : Norwich remembers the storm of the century by Chris Wisniewski.
  15. Ricordiamo : the Italian Americans of Norwich, a bound legacy [author, Paul DeSio].
  16. Responding to his call : a celebration of the history of the Diocese of Norwich, 1953-2003 by Gregoire J. Fluet.
  17. A swift and deadly maelstrom : the great Norwich Flood of 1963 Thomas Moody.
  18. Honor, Respect, Remember the American Veterans Traveling Tribute comes to Norwich, Connectcicut , June 2009 [videorecording] produced by Steven DePolito ; cover photos by Dominick S. Cortese.
  19. Norwich : century of growth by Eleanor B. Read and Diane Nettles.
  20. Norwich historic homes & families. Researched and written by Marian K. O’Keefe and Catherine Smith Doroshevich. Consultant editor: Philip A. Johnson. Photography by Marian K. O’Keefe. Published in cooperation with the Society of the Founders of Norwich. : O’Keefe, Marian K.
  21. Norwich, Connecticut : a photographic essay photography and text by German Tellez. :1659-1959 Tercentenary, Norwich, Connecticut : program, July 5-11, 1959 [Norwich Tercentenary, Inc. ; Carole E. Steinman, historical program editor].
  22. Craftsmen & artists of Norwich: furniture, paintings, clocks, silver, pewter, pottery. [Catalogue compiled by Jo Darmstadt. : Society of the Founders of Norwich, Conn.Norwich and the Civil War Patricia F. Staley.
  23. A catalog of souvenir spoons as collected by Charles M. Hutzler, a traveling salesman from Richmond, Virginia who married Rose Gotthelf of Norwich, Conn. donated by their grandson Charles Kroll.
  24. Historic sites of Norwich from the beginning : a gift to the children of Norwich from the Forgotten Founders of Norwich’s 350th anniversary published by Bill Stanley & the Forgotten Founders ; editor Denison N. Gibbs.
  25. Norwich firefighting Glenn M. Watts.
  26. Victorian Norwich, Connecticut by Arthur Lester Lathrop.
  27. Norwich in the Gilded Age : the Rose City’s Millionaires’ Triangle Patricia F. Staley.
  28. Memories of a Norwich Boomer Norwich, Connecticut Ken Keeley.
  29. The Norwich Free Academy v. New London Football Rivalry Brian Girasoli.
  30. Twentieth-Century Norwich Connecticut by Arthur Lester Lathrop.
  31. Norwich William Shannon, David Oat, Eric Beit.
  32. Norwich Memories : a pictorial history of Norwich from 1800’s through the 1960’s presented by The Bulletin, Norwich Historical Socirty and the Dime Bank.
  33. Norwich Dale Plummer.
  34. Restoration of Downtown Norwich a scrapbook of articles, brochures, programs, newspaper clippings and press releases compiled by the Staff of Otis Library.
  35. Norwich Site Development Committee for the Former State Hospital [videorecording].
  36. Legendary locals of Norwich, Connecticut Beryl Fishbone.

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