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Otis Library

With thousands of items, and hundreds of events, services and exhibitions spread through the library each year, we are faced with the near impossible task of shedding light on the many hidden treasures and resources on offer here at Otis Library. In a sense, the library is like an enormous iceberg: the section peaking above… Continue reading Otis Library

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Presidents’ Day Book List

Not sure where to begin brushing up on presidential history? Or already a history buff and want some new recommendations? This is the list for you! George Washington The return of George Washington : 1783-1789 / Edward J. Larson. Being George Washington : the indispensable man, as you've never seen him / written & edited… Continue reading Presidents’ Day Book List


Romance Book List

Romance is in the air with this booklist to help you celebrate Valentine's Day.

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Climate change: How do we know?

Many scientists around the world are persuaded that the earth is heating up as a consequence of human activity; namely, releasing heat-trapping CO2 gas into the atmosphere by burning carbon-based fuels such as oil and coal. Others are not persuaded. This subject guide attempts to provide a point of entry into the subject by highlighting… Continue reading Climate change: How do we know?

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Best in Show: books to get you in the mood for the Westminster Dog Show

Calling all dog lovers! The Westminster Dog Show is Coming! Begins Monday, February 11 and ends at 11:00 PM on Tuesday, February 12 How many of you plan to watch the Westminster Dog Show this year?  Get ready for the big day by reading one of these recommended books. Included are books to help you… Continue reading Best in Show: books to get you in the mood for the Westminster Dog Show

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Newest Documentaries in the Otis Library Collection

Each year, a handful of newly released documentaries get a lot of attention. A recent, notable example: two new documentaries about the disastrous Fyre Festival, just released on Netflix and Hulu, both of which share revelations that are all over the news. While we do not currently have the two documentaries that are garnering so… Continue reading Newest Documentaries in the Otis Library Collection

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Novels that Illuminate Chinese Culture

Let's honor Pearl S. Buck by reading her amazing novel or another book that gives us a glimpse into Chinese culture.

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Essential Books for the Whole Family in Celebration of Black History Month

The following are some of our favorite books for Black History Month (and anytime!). Some describe our different histories, while others show the joys and challenges that are shared by people of all backgrounds & ethnicities. We hope these suggestions serve to introduce you to what Black History Month is all about. Books for Children… Continue reading Essential Books for the Whole Family in Celebration of Black History Month